Women Painter

acrylic artist Aurora Mazzoldi is a women painter

"A painter who points to the inner dimension of woman

It could be possible that only a woman is able to look into the woman’s world and find its most genuine aspects: we can realize it by carefully observing the works of the painter Aurora, who knows how to delve into the bottom of the heart, how to tell a meaningful “story of the soul”. (Aurora is a fascinating name, which recalls a specific Greek goddess, Eos, the announcer of day, who brings light to men; the ancient Romans equated her with “Aurora”).

The ones who, like me, have made classical studies, can refer to the Italian poet Montale, who could so suggestively sketch little woman’s stories, by presenting femininity as the best gift to humanity.

The discussion on the equal opportunities for women and men goes on, unfortunately with much delay, in the attempt to give more dignity to woman; in the meantime, the literary and the painting world treat woman’s beauty in a sublime way and consider it as a centre for the most important references, for stories, which are full of values and ideals. Aurora Mazzoldi, a child of Trentino, a region that is full of history and culture, urges us to think of what woman could give to our time, and that in a very personal way, with much dignity in her expression, as proven by the intensity of the eyes, which deeply reveal moods.Her colour palette is very personal and helps deepening into the painted figure, through delicate routes, to better exalt the authenticity of the woman, who is here often concerned with the theme of loneliness, loneliness that is difficult to overcome in the human world, because of the many contradictions, which characterize our destinies.Alexander Skrjabin, a Russian composer (1872-1915), wisely wrote: “The essence of beauty in an art work is given by the correspondence between means of expression and inner necessity”. Aurora’s painting goes this way in a new manner, to reach the eternal truth of Man, which is, basically, a moral idea."

Senator Prof. Angelo Rescaglio, Mazzoldi, Immaginaria Editrice - translated from italian

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