Why do we play? (2 comments)

by Mary

I have thoroughly read the page on games in this site and I was very impressed. I ask myself, are we always playing, even though the game is not advantageous? Why should we then play?

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May 30, 2010
We don't realize we are playing
by: Aurora

Mary and Steve have asked very important questions, allowing me to better explain what I have written on games in this site.

a)Normal people don?t know they are playing. They are too identified with their games to perceive it. Only the ones who started to question themselves and are searching within themselves have a chance.

Those people should remember that it is easier to see the games other people play. When it happens to look at such games, it is important to ask ourselves if we also do something like that and with whom.

It is not so difficult to understand we are playing, but we are afraid we have to interrupt our game, if we understand we are playing. Better to conceal it!

Better to believe that, when we suffer, it is because of some other person. All men in this world have a big problem: the others don?t do enough to make them happy.

If we humans would get to change all other beings, we would all be happy! Try to tell somebody who is quarreling that he could act differently and you will run a risk?

b)When we ask others to play some game, we do it subconsciously and telepathically. Do you notice sometimes a strange attraction to a given person? Why? You understand each other! It is love! Or, more simply, do you want to play together the same game?

Are you completely sure you can choose? Or it is an inexplicable desire that takes you over and decides for you? A desire that is stronger than you? Lack of contact with ourselves can be the beginning of many love failures and heart breaks.

c) Even if it seems nonsense, to suffer is part of the game. Maybe you are playing the role of the one who suffers so much! Why? Because people love suffering.

It brings many advantages. They look absurd, but they are very important for playing some games. To get help, compassion, indulgence. We can then claim, revenge, complain? It is a childish part of us that plays on our behalf.

May 16, 2010
Why do people wish to suffer?
by: Steve

Hi, Mary, I also am waiting for an answer to your question! And I have also some more questions to ask:
Do people know they are playing? When do they realize it?
When do people start playing a game?
If people are only playing, why are there tragedies and dramas? Why do people wish to suffer?

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