What is an esoteric painter? (Alejandra, Aurora)

by Alejandra

Aurora, you say Goya has painted thought forms. How can you state that?

If you are right, would you define him as an esoteric painter? I think esoteric painting has to deal with esoteric symbols, such as the ankh, the 8-pointed star or the Hebrew letters, but you consider yourself also as an esoteric painter, although you don't use these symbols. I think I need some explanation.

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Mar 16, 2010
Goya and esoteric painting
by: Aurora

The term esotericism refers to things that are available only to a narrow circle of people. An esoteric painter can be available to all persons who look at his paintings, but only a few of them can understand the meaning of what he paints.

This applies also to Goya. He painted thought forms and we know it from the title of his painting The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. This means that the artist wants to represent psychic monsters and that these monsters are produced when people don't succeed managing them. These psychic monsters originate from thoughts and emotions and may be defined as thought forms.

Since this theme is, at least now, known only to a few people, we can say that it belongs to esotericism and, consequently, that Goya was an esoteric painter. He represented on canvas what people of his time were creating. His contemporaries didn't understand and went on creating monsters.

And now, I try to answer your last question. I am not happy to consider myself as an esoteric painter. I don't paint directly thought forms (as Goya did), but the interaction among them. You have to understand it by observing colors, body positions and the expression of the depicted subjects. It is not easy and only a few people can get it. Due to this situation, my painting is esoteric. In my site I try to explain what I do and I hope that an increasing number of people will understand my paintings, allowing me to become less esoteric.

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