Unease with metaphysical paintings (Roberta, Luis)

by Roberta

When I look at some metaphysical paintings, mainly at the ones by De Chirico, I feel a strange unease and I don’t understand why. Does it happen to somebody else as well? Do they transmit something I don’t accept?

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Feb 19, 2010
Metaphysical Paintings recall a conflict
by: Luis (Northern Italy)

It is possible that it has to do with one of the major conflicts in man. Many people are scared when things move. They live under the illusion that, if they stay home, nothing bad can happen to them. There is a safe place. On the other side, if everything is motionless, it recalls us death. Many people look for excitement and thrills. They are not able to enjoy silence and calmness, because they associate these things with death.

In metaphysical paintings everything is static, motionless. They could be a dream, or the representation of another reality, where space and time don':t change. They could evoke eternity and eternity can evoke death.

Should we then live the uncertainty of a changing reality and meet our fears, or try to stop this change and meet death?

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