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Latest Question: Affirmations

Jeff (UK) writes: “How often should affirmations be done/said?”"

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The Problem of Self Control 
I've been thinking about what personal development is at its very core lately. Spent a lot of time thinking about it and realized its about building additional …

affirmations (1 comment) 
How often should affirmations be done/said ?

Why do we play? (2 comments) 
I have thoroughly read the page on games in this site and I was very impressed. I ask myself, are we always playing, even though the game is not advantageous? …

Zen Buddhism and western mentality (1 Comment) 
After a long period of esoteric research and self development studies, I have become interested in Buddhism, namely Zen Buddhism. I have read a lot of …

Law of Attraction (2 comments) 
Since I have a debt to pay off and I need money, I thought I could use the law of attraction to get a better job. I decided I would get it within 3 months …

Are we one or many? (2 comments) 
You say, Aurora, we have many “I-s” or “personalities”. I am used to consider personality as one. In normal speech we say “she has a strong personality”, …

How to protect from negative energies? (3 comments) 
When I meet some individuals I feel my energy goes down. It happens also in some places. I have tried to protect myself with positive thinking, with building …

Something more on games 
Games have been conceptualized and treated in psychology by Eric Berne in his “Games People Play”, originating game analysis. “Game analysis is the …

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