Paintings and Opera Arias 1

Romantic show through Paintings and Opera Arias 1

This Romantic Show is an ideal path through acrylic paintings by Aurora Mazzoldi and opera arias.
All took origin from an art exhibition in Parma, which was held at the local culture and music club (la città si nota).

Parma has a great opera tradition and its "Regio" Theatre is one of the most known in the world (Luciano Pavarotti and Maria Callas sang in this theatre). I thought if there could be a connexion between my acrylic paintings and opera arias. I found they can have the same romantic mood and so I called my exhibition “Romances in Acrylic”. I don't know if this idea is too romantic, but I imagined my paintings singing opera arias through acrylic colors. I felt a strong liaison between opera arias and my paintings. In Parma, opera singer Antonella Manotti and Mr. Alessandro (who prepares wonderful meals to club visitors) helped me to find and explain this liaison. I show here the result of this attempt.

In this first part of your romantic journey through acrylic paintings and opera arias you will be accompanied by such great opera composers as Mozart, Rossini, Bizet, Orff, Dvorak, Boito and Puccini.


Where do want to go, bold stranger?
What seek you here in this holy place?
The domaine of Love and Virtue.
The Words are of a high meaning,
Only, how do you mean to find them?
Love and Virtue do not lead you,
For death and revenge ignite you.

(The Magic Flute, W. A. Mozart)

Unaware of

Lo, in the smiling sky,
the lovely dawn is breaking,
and you are not awake,
and you are still asleep?

(Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Rossini)

The Earring

For pleasure, for pleasure
They have fights!

(Carmen, G.Bizet)


In my mind's wavering balance wanton love and chastity sway in opposite scales.
But I choose what I see,
I offer my neck to the yoke;
to a yoke so sweet I cross.

(Carmina Burana Cantiones profanae, C. Orff)


Shine on him, wherever he is
Tell him I am here waiting!
If he is dreaming of me,
Awaken his memories
O, moon, don’t disappear!

(Rusalka, A Dvorak)


If thou but bring me
On earth one hour of rest
In which my soul shall calmness know;
If thou revealest myself and the world
Unto my dark thought;
If it chance that I say to the fleeting atom:
Stay! thou'rt beautiful! then may I die!
Let Hell engulf me!

(Mefistofele, A. Boito)


the little Moon-Goddess who comes down by night
From her bridge in the star-lighted sky…
Bewitching all mortals...

(Madama Butterfly G. Puccini)

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