Paintings and Opera Arias 3

Romantic show through Paintings and Opera Arias 3

Romantic Show 3 is the conclusion of an ideal path through acrylic paintings by Aurora Mazzoldi and opera arias, which has begun with “Romantic Show 1” and has gone further with "Romantic Show 2". If you have enjoyed it, you can imagine to go on in this tour. In this romantic path you will have as guides such great opera masters as Giordano, Verdi, Bellini and Boito.


Oh, hearken! Naught do you know

of love!

Hear me Love is divine;
Spare it your scorn !
(Andrea Chenier, U. Giordano)


King of the Abyss, hasten to me,
Plunge through the air,
And enter my dwelling
Without your burning thunderbolts.
(A Masked Ball, G. Verdi)


There is no reproach
Which you can make me that I do not
Already feel. But in my heart
The flame is dead - extinguished by a God
Who is the foe of my peace. At my feet
I see the abyss, and therein I cast myself.
(Norma, V. Bellini)


Wounded! . . . By heaven
My blood is already boiling. Ah! Anger
Puts our guardian angel to flight!
(Otello, G. Verdi)


Cruel misfortune
compels me, alas, to languish;
my suffering has lasted for so many years,
as profound as on the first day.

(The Force of Destiny, G. Verdi)

Between Sleep and Dream

From fields and meadows, peacefully

And quiet paths, I now return,
With calmness filled.
And sacred mystery.
The haggard passions of the heart.
Slumber in placid oblivion.
(Mephistopheles, A. Boito)

This ideal path through acrylic paintings by Aurora Mazzoldi and opera arias ends here.

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