Contemporary Romantic Art.

What I mean for Contemporary Romantic Art.

Why "romantic art"? When my acrylic paintings haven't an esoteric approach, romanticism is prevailing in them.

Romanticism is for me something else as people normally defines it: it comes from the soul, it is a way of feeling, that softens everything, gives everything a poetic quality. It is something that happens within us, before being an artistic trend in a certain period of time.

Romanticism expresses in my acrylic paintings through round, softly focused shapes. This is the way I interpret some realities, to bring them into my acrylic paintings: no stiffness, no sharp-cornered lines. When there is hardness, it comes from the eyes, from the expression of the portrayed person, while his/her shape remains soft.

Romanticism is for me a way to live, it is a filter that gives a certain color and a certain light to what happens, because it is so that we like to see it. In my acrylic paintings a romantic atmosphere surrounds everything I paint and some viewer interprets this as longing for the past. But the emotions that live in us have no time. Have love or tenderness ceased to be "up-to-date"?

They are no longer "up-to-date" only for the ones who inhibit and deny them. And so, to reveal some denied realities becomes topical.And these denied realities create inconsistency: we live our soap operas because we need dreams, but we don't realize the games we are taking part in and we fall into a trap of infinite misunderstandings.

What I mean for romanticism is to go under the surface, to give a significance that helps us to come out of endless repetitive situations.

My romantic paintings point the finger at attitudes, poses, moments that can reveal inconsistency to a careful observer.

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