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Personalities Paintings in romantic esoteric art


This page on "Personalities Esoteric Paintings" shows only my paintings on this matter. If you are not merely interested in art and would like to deepen the concept that has inspired my works, you can find it in a separate page:

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Here I'll show some of my paintings on esotericism and psychology and I'll try to give some interpretation. It is possible you find completely different, personalized meanings. Esoteric art is a complicated matter.


Aurora Mazzoldi, SEDUCTIVENESS, acrylic on canvas, cm. 60 x 40

The habit of seducing is a compulsive behavior, caused by fear.


Aurora Mazzoldi, IMPATIENCE, acrylic on canvas, cm. 40 x 60

Showy poses and attitudes are nothing but dust thrown in the eyes of others, to hide one’s weakness.


Aurora Mazzoldi, COMPLICITY, acrylic on canvas, cm. 50 x 70

Complicity builds up an emotional/telepathic connection between two people, but sometimes it is concealed by respectability. It is based on a personality of fear that looks for “union”, but hopes to get “forces”.


Aurora Mazzoldi, IMPRESSIONS, acrylic on canvas, cm. 50x100

Strictness, hardness and rigour, that have so devastating effects on education, come from a unique personality of power.

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