Personalities Esoteric Concept

Personalities Esoteric Concept in Mazzoldi's acrylic paintings


"Personalities Esoteric Concept" and the acrylic paintings that explain it, show us how, in our life, coherence is not our strong point. During the day, we often change our behavior: in the office, we behave in a different way than at home, and we show a different side to each person. We are never ourselves or, perhaps, only very rarely, say when every mask is removed or in moments of deep pain.

In our everyday lives, we start some strange mechanisms. We start them without knowing it, but they act nevertheless and condition our way of thinking and of seeing reality. We do in this case our best to escape truth and to turn down good proposals. We continually change our minds, our programs, we set goals and we let them fall, we wish what we can’t have, we hate and we get angry.

"Personalities esoteric concept" remembers to us, (explaining it with acrylic paintings),that we behave like some actors. We get so much into a role that it becomes hard to get out of again when we leave the theater. When the comedy is over, we try to set the scene outside, to go on playing out and out. Whether it is a tragedy or a comedy, IT IS NOT US!

It is a way of playing a game, but a more deep and persistent way, because it concerns ourselves. Until we like that role and until we believe it gives power to us, we are stuck in it.

In esoteric psychology (and in my acrylic paintings) personality is a frozen idea; it is an obstinate strain, caused by an illusion, a prejudice, a stubborn point of view. If somebody tries, for instance, to stop the emotion of fear, he is going to create a fearful personality and his behavior will take different forms, but always stereotyped. The one remains motionless, the other acts reckless, but none of both has really chosen what he is doing. In fact, lack and excess of action are both ways to escape fear. The one is stopped by fear, the other tries to overcome it by facing it.

Personality acts in spite of us. It is as if we had entrusted our life to it. We are no more free to choose. It will face whatever happens in our place and it will cause us to get always the same choices. We become foreseeable.

Sometimes we notice we are repetitive, but we say to ourselves “I am this way!”. Actually, only our personality is this way. And we bravely defend it, we are scared something will change. Should some change happen, we would feel unnatural. We feel as if our defenses go down, as if we were as helpless as children before life.

As shown in my acrylic paintings, our personalities are strategies we use to try solving an emotional problem, when we are not able to elaborate it at once. The emotion we have blocked will then continue acting in us by exaggerating things.

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