painting with acrylics

Painting with acrylics. A choice for my contemporary romantic painting

Why painting with acrylic paint to get my contemporary romantic works? The water-based acrylics were developed in the 1950s and brought a surge of change. Many artists began to use them; some ones decided to put oils and acrylics together on their canvas, others preferred changing to acrylics because of its better characteristics.

Acrylics are made of pigment suspended in a synthetic polymer. They are odourless, anti-allergic and give, if properly diluted with water, a full range of possibilities, going from a watercolour to a palette knife effect. Moreover, they allow artists to apply multiple layers of paint. .

Therefore, painting with acrylic paint became my favourite technique, aiming to master it better and better and looking for new acrylic painting ideas.The quick drying time of acrylic paint allows me to work long on the same painting (but I have to work fast). Their consistency and the possibility of over-painting facilitate corrections and improvements.Usually, I don’t make sketches. I start painting with acrylic paint on canvas, trying to get my ideas to flow with colors onto it. I dilute paints heavily when I want to get a homogeneous transparency and I use them dry to get contrast. I seldom use mediums to preserve the fluidity of the paint; it can happen in summer or when I have to apply paint to large areas. .

I don’t consider myself a person who likes to range over many fields; I prefer to become expert in one. This is why I have chosen to paint acrylic and why I am always looking how to improve my acrylic painting skills. I get some outcome applying multiple layers of paint, some other through proper blending of colors or also, through some calibrated strokes of exaggeration. .

My research on painting with acrylic paint goes together with my inner esoteric research. Often I need new color nuances to express in a contemporary romantic way the emotions I feel. Both things get continuously mixed in my research.On the one hand, painting helps the expression of my inner feeling, on the other I can recognize on canvas aspects of what I am; it shows how I have been influenced by my life experiences, my fantasies, my way to be a woman. .

My wish to express all this through colors and symbols causes me to struggle for perfection in painting. I have chosen acrylics for this struggle. I could have chosen oils or watercolors, but acrylics are more my way, even when I paint romantic subjects. My art is evolving; it is going at the same pace as the whole of what I am. I don’t care much about whether my works are considered modern or not; this is not the point. The point is the esoteric message they send. .

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