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Latest Question: Are exhibitions in galleries and art fairs still useful?

Carlos (Caracas) writes: “After having exhibited in various locations and art galleries, I am asking myself, how many people really know who I am and what I am doing as an artist?

The only result I got is that I have become very well known by some galleries, which give me the possibility to pay a lot of money to get my paintings hung on their walls.

What should I do? Go on exhibiting in galleries and art fairs, waiting to be discovered by somebody, or quit, or….?Has somebody else the same problem? Has somebody an idea, how to solve it?"

Nunny (Louisville, Ky) has given an answer

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Are exhibitions in galleries and art fairs still useful?(Carlos) Not rated yet
After having exhibited in various locations and art galleries, I am asking myself, how many people really know who I am and what I am doing as an artist? …

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