Narrative Art

Narrative Art in romantic esoteric paintings

Narrative art concerns not only paintings. It covers a very wide-ranging field. There are many transmission possibilities for the ones who want narrate or narrate themselves: they can speak, write, use pictures and drawings. Sometimes, they can use gestures or Morse_code too.

These are the most immediate and visible transmission ways, but we continuously use also much subtler ways, even if we don’t notice it.

We continuously send every kind of telepathic messages but we receive only the ones we allow to come through. If we read a book we understand (or remember) some chapters better than other ones. And this depends not so much from our culture or intelligence, but from how much we like what we read. It relates to opening or closing our understanding. However, what activates this “sphincter”? We have made our choices; we have set our targets; we are stuck in roles; we have entered some games. We will open to everything that facilitates continuing our choices and we will filter out everything that hinders or impedes.

What happens with reading happens also with images. Among the many communication possibilities, drawing and painting are perhaps the strongest. Also people who speak a different language or belong to a different culture can understand them. It took many decades and many efforts to decode Sumerian

cuneiform script , while the comprehension of prehistoric pictures is immediate. An image acts stronger because it has a direct emotional impact, while reading must be first decoded by the brain.

Images also belong to the infinite vibrations in which we live and move. We take from these vibrations what we need to build what we are. We make our choices and our choices limit us. To interpret a painting is a very subjective thing. It depends indeed from current standards, but also, and even more, from the filters we use.

What the painter tells us is part of life; it is a particular way of feeling, that finds expression through flashes of his/her own inner life. My acrylic paintings are the chapters of my real life romance; they represent moments that can be very different one from another, but each of them shows a mood and narrates a living experience, a "story".

Some of my acrylic paintings have esoteric meanings; they narrate stories that can help to self understanding and self development. Other paintings represent romantic stories or acrylic, romantic interpretations of opera arias. Both types of acrylic paintings (esoteric and romantic) are narrative art.

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