Modern Painting (Kumaravelu, Dieter, René)

by kumaravelu
(chennai tamilnadu [india)

what is modern painting?

is anatomy needed in modern painting?
what is abstract painting?

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Dec 22, 2009
Art and Fashion
by: Dieter, Wien

For me art should be Art and fashion should be modern. Simply that!

Dec 22, 2009
Modern art is free?
by: René, Dijon (France)

My opinion is that modern painting should not blindly follow past art styles and conventions.
But here we have a problem: When does the past start?
Modern art has its own conventions. Should these conventions be the same as in the 50's?
Should emotions and feelings be banned, because they were banned in the past decades? Is it now possible to use nuances and semitones, and be nevertheless "modern"?. Is extravagance unavoidable?
Is an artist still obliged to cut with tradition, or is it possible now to revisit achievements of the past and make new, modern art using that background and knowledge?
I wish art could become "free" instead of "modern".

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