looking for a teacher(Nunny)

by nunny
(louisville ky)

OK I'm going to try this.

First to Carlos
My husband just gave me these acrylics for Christmas and I have never taken a class for painting. So you must be far better at it then myself. Why wood you pay some one to show your painting? My first what i would call passable painting is now hanging in a dentist office. It is on Canvas Pad not a true canvas. I have three more people who saw that painting asking for chances at my next. Put your paining out there where real people can see them. Only art buffs go to fairs and galleries. Ask your bank if you can put one up for a week or two. Never leave the same picture there long two weeks is about right i think. When people see it is gone and they liked it they will ask about it or the new one. I'm just giving an idea seeing how I've never been to a art fair.But i have asked about painting at my bank.
Next the reason for my coming here and posting.
Is there anyone here that works acrylics closer to the oil then water? Looking for a teacher. Selling a picture has kinda whetted my hunger for doing the best i can instead of dabbling. I'm in Kentucky

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