Law of Attraction (2 comments)

by Pierre

Since I have a debt to pay off and I need money, I thought I could use the law of attraction to get a better job. I decided I would get it within 3 months and I made everything possible to get this result.

After 2 months, I became ill and I got another problem: I risk losing the job I have now.
What didn’t function? Has somebody had a similar(or an opposite) experience? Help me to understand, please!

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Feb 12, 2010
Law of attraction and setting a deadline
by: Eleni (Cyprus)

You write, Roger, that Pierre shouldn't have set a 3-month deadline to get a job. My father taught me that, if I don't set a deadline, I don't accomplish the goal. "Because, if you don't do it," he said, "you lose time, you stray from the point, you get lazy and you fail!"

How can I put this together with what you say? If I set a deadline, how can I find my resistances, before becoming ill? And if I find them, what next? Should I give up?

Jan 20, 2010
Law of Attraction & Self Development
by: Roger, São Paulo (Brazil)

Pierre, why did you decide to get a new job within 3 months? I think it may go, but only if other parts of you don't "get in the way". I try to make it clear with an example:

If you are scared to drive at 50 mph, what could happen if you decide to drive at 100? Are you sure you don't touch the brake pedal while accelerating? And what happens if you do it?
Is it possible your illness is due to the necessity to brake and relieve fear (e. g. fear of a new job and its challenges)?

If you have a goal, try not to fix the date. It will take longer but it is safer. In this way you can give yourself time enough to accept your goal. Since it can take very long, then you have time to work on resistances. This helps you to achieve your goal in reasonable time. It may also help to self development.

I hope, Pierre, this can be of some help and I wish you to be fit and in good health very soon.

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