How to protect from negative energies? (3 comments)

by Boris
(Novgorod, Russia)

When I meet some individuals I feel my energy goes down. It happens also in some places. I have tried to protect myself with positive thinking, with building around me an egg of light and with many other methods, but I didn't succeed in solving this problem. Has somebody found a solution?

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Feb 12, 2010
i can help

Boris! I know the answer and I can help, I know what you mean coz I was in this situation so many times and I am still fighting. Write me on my e-mail

Feb 02, 2010
on positive and negative energies
by: Miguel (Costa Rica)

Isabel explains to Boris that energy is negative when we don't like it and is positive when it causes us to feel well.
Positive or negative would then be a subjective, unpredictable matter. It could change very fast.
What is then the energy we feel in us or the energy we feel in an environment? Why are we conditioned by it and how?

Dec 22, 2009
about People's Negative Energies
by: Isabel, Nicaragua

Generally, when we define "negative"? a person, we believe it is objective. But, are we sure that person is always negative, with all people she meets? Perhaps she is negative with me and positive with her son.
Personally, I think it is a matter of relationship. If I receive energy that I don't like, I get angry, or sad, or afraid, and I transmit this "negative" energy to the other person, who becomes still more "negative" and so on.
A possibility could be to have more understanding for the feelings of the other person and control our reactions, but this is not easy.
You could also protect yourself with the methods you have already used, but with the faith that they work. If you expect they don't work, they will not work.

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