Games Esoteric Paintings

Games Esoteric Paintings in Mazzoldi's contemporary romantic art


This page on "Games Esoteric Paintings" shows only my acrylic paintings on this matter. If you are not merely interested in acrylic art and would like to deepen the concept that has inspired my paintings, you can find it in a separate page:

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Here I'll show some of my acrylic paintings on esoterism and psychology and I'll try to give some interpretation. It is possible you find completely different, personalized meanings. Esoteric art is a complicated matter.

Innocent Maliciousness

Aurora Mazzoldi, INNOCENT MALICIOUSNESS, acrylic on canvas, cm. 50 x 70

It looks like youth can open all doors. Everything seems allowed… There is the risk to leave behind an abandoned childhood, to prepare a regretful old age.


Aurora Mazzoldi, SEDUCTIVENESS, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 60 x 40

You can find oceans of depth under an apparent mildness, or you can find Eve’s apple there.


Aurora Mazzoldi, FASCINATION, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 40 x 60

The game may consist sometimes in a challenge to try the conquest. The message seems to be, “Just know I’ll transform all I receive into smoke”


Aurora Mazzoldi, HASTILY, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 60 x 40

Sometimes we pretend to be in a hurry, to have commitments. In this way, we can ignore feelings and we can forget to respect others and to give them consideration.

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