Forces Esoteric Paintings

Forces Esoteric Paintings in Mazzoldi's contemporary romantic art


This page on "Forces Esoteric Paintings" shows only my paintings on this matter. If you are not merely interested in acrylic art and would like to deepen the concept that has inspired the paintings underneath, you can find it in a separate page:

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Here I'll show some of my paintings on esoteric psychology and I'll try to give some interpretation. It is possible you find completely different, personalized meanings. Esoteric art is a complicated matter.

Mother 1: Possessiveness

Aurora Mazzoldi, MOTHER 1: POSSESSIVENESS, acrylic on canvas, cm. 135 x 90


Aurora Mazzoldi, WAR, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 60 x 40

The game of war is perhaps the most fascinating one, but it causes forces to become terrifying.

Unaware of

Aurora Mazzoldi, UNAWARE OF, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 40 x 60

Sometimes we go through life sleeping, under the illusion we are living anyway. We are then unaware of what we are getting around, but we shall carry the consequences.


Aurora Mazzoldi, WONDER, acrylic & casein on canvas panel, cm. 60 x 40

What you can see in the eyes of a child, an adult has lost it. However, if an adult blocks his/her forces to remain there, he will be confronted with the reality of an adult’s body (or perhaps of an elderly body) and of a logic that is typical of children but, moreover, exhausted.

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