Esoterism Spiral Paintings

Esoterism spiral paintings. The spiral in esoteric art seen through acrylic paintings

(italiano- La spirale interiore nell'arte introspettiva)

This page shows my "esoterism spiral paintings". The spiral concept in esoterism has been developed in a separate page:

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Here I'll show some of my paintings on esoteric psychology. To find their meaning you need concentration. I'll try to make it easier giving some interpretation. It is possible you find completely different, personalized meanings. Esoteric art is a complicated matter.


Aurora Mazzoldi, DESPAIR, acrylic on canvas, cm. 90 x 135

Despair. Somebody's indifference can originate this mood (look at the face with closed eyes, situated in the low part of the painting!) and a thought form can make it persistent (look at the gloomy face on the side, denying hope).


Aurora Mazzoldi, MUSIC, acrylic on canvas, cm. 70 x 60

When we work, we can attract forces that support, encourage and help us


Aurora Mazzoldi, WITCHES, acrylic on canvas, cm. 100 x 60

Fascinated by a fictitious male power, woman seeks ways and strategies to get it for herself. She builds around him a circle that tie both up.

Innocent Maliciousness

Aurora Mazzoldi, INNOCENT MALICIOUSNESS, acrylic on canvas, cm. 70 x 50

It looks like youth can open all doors. Everything seems allowed… There is the risk to leave behind an abandoned childhood, to prepare a regretful old age.


Aurora Mazzoldi, RAPE, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 50 x 70

The irresponsibility and rush of a not mastered impulse destroys what could be got with gentleness and with an exchange between giving and taking.


Aurora Mazzoldi, IMPATIENCE, acrylic on canvas panel, cm. 60 x 40

The expectation that things come to us justify sometimes attitudes and modes that reveal our claims and supposed rights. In this way we can cause delays and turn things against us.

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