Esoterism Spiral Concept

Esoterism Spiral Concept in Mazzoldi's introspective art

(italiano, la spirale interiore nell'arte introspettiva)

This page on the esoterism spiral concept aims to explain some of my acrylic paintings. These acrylic paintings should show how our inner movements can modify outer reality. We build a spiral and we are in the center of it. Even if we have the impression that outer circumstances provoke our moods (outer indifference causes despair, an outer delay causes our impatience and so on), our moods depend instead on how we decide to react to them. In the next page (dealing with the esoterism spiral concept in acrylic esoteric painting), I'll try to show some thought forms and some invisible forces that surround us. We live as if we were still in the earthly paradise. We have all kinds of fruit trees around and we can make our pick. Despair, depression and so on, are only fruits we want to try. We are also free to build our prisons.

Esoterism Spiral Concept takes into consideration not only those forces that trouble us with violent emotions, but also the lighter vibrations that help us to grow. All we do is always a mirror that reflects our choices.

As people say, everything is in us. It is so just because these forces surround us. We have to learn how to make use of them, instead of being at their mercy. We have to learn how to observe what happens within us. There is an introspection site for this. It is in Italian and you have probably to use Google translation.

Many people associate “esoterism” with magic. This happens because both handle with processes that happen within us and, in some way, hidden.

Painting also comes, as all other things we do, from the expansion of an inner movement (esoterism spiral concept), even if we don’t notice it.

The person who is looking at esoteric art can get a favorable or a negative impression: it depends on what is moving within him/her. What he/she is looking at is only a mirror in which he/she can see a distorted image of his/her failures, unsettled problems, painful experiences... Alternatively he/she can see it as an incentive for what he/she wants to carry out.

A painting is only one of the surfaces our inner movements can interact with: we live under the influence of weather, of colors, of landscape and of people around us, because we can use all this things to excite or to dampen our emotional vibrations. Everything starts from within and develops within us.

It is important to consider we are the center of all things that move around (esoterism spiral concept). If something changes within, the outer reality changes consequently.

If you like to see some of my acrylic paintings on this subject, please go to

Esoterism. Spiral Paintings.

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In my esoteric art "...everything we do is potentially a game and we are the ones who program it! Life gives us a wide range of possibilities and every choice we make, determines a very definite path. Our preoccupations and fears can turn this path into a drama, even if our partners have made exactly the same choices as we. Our encounters are not predestined..."

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"...Personality acts in spite of us. It is as if we had entrusted our life to it. We are no more free to choose. It will face whatever happens in our place and it will cause us to get always the same choices. We become foreseeable.
Sometimes we notice we are repetitive, but we say to ourselves “I am this way!”...".

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