Esoteric Art

Mazzoldi's paintings are romantic esoteric art

The aim of my acrylic esoteric art is not to represent what appears on the stage of life, but what is acting behind the scenes. What appears on canvas? The image you see there is not a mere pose. The painting's subject (often a woman) interacts with you, proposes you a game, a role. She does it through her position, look, behaviour.

As esoterism in my acrylic paintings I mean this transmission, this energy emission, that very seldom becomes aggressive. It invites you to play, to participate...

It means that an esoteric artist researches what happens in the most subtle planes of emotions and energies in which we live our everyday life and take our decisions, mostly without noticing them. We take this reality for granted.

You can love or refuse my esoteric-art paintings, but please, before leaving them, try to understand what the artist is proposing, where they invite, which door they open...

...And the door opens on to my internal hall of mirrors. Energy is always the same, but it takes the form of personalities, games and forces. You can enjoy to discover through me what is happening in all of us.

Painting is exchange: the artist express herself through esoteric art, you can participate. Let's start?

The links underneath show "how our inner movements can modify outer reality. We build a spiral and we are in the center of it. Even if we have the impression that outer circumstances cause our moods (outer indifference causes despair, an outer delay causes our impatience and so on), our moods depend instead on how we decide to react to them. My paintings are concerned with thought forms and with the invisible forces that surround us..."

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The links underneath refer to "forces that are within us, vivify us, support us, make us active and give us a boost to fulfill our dreams.....It is our responsibility how we use these forces, which target we choose, what we want to get, because our forces flow where our wishes go and where we focalize our attention. "

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In my esoteric art paintings"... everything we do is potentially a game and we are the ones who program it! Life gives us a wide range of possibilities and every choice we make, determines a very definite path. Our preoccupations and fears can turn this path into a drama, even if our partners have made exactly the same choices as we. Our encounters are not predestined..."

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"...Personality acts in spite of us. It is as if we had entrusted our life to it. We are no more free to choose. It will face whatever happens in our place and it will cause us to get always the same choices. We become foreseeable.Sometimes we notice we are repetitive, but we say to ourselves “I am this way!...”.

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