Do art galleries sell? (Roberto, Manuel)

by Roberto

Since 3 years I cooperate with 3 galleries. Cooperation means that I pay an annual fee and participate in some exhibitions and art fairs. The galleries never sold anything. I asked some colleagues, who also have their works in some of these galleries. Same thing. All 3 galleries meant I had good chances to sell and they chose me because my art is interesting and has good possibilities. Why they don’t sale? Is anything there that I don’t understand? Can somebody explain me what is happening?

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Dec 29, 2009
Should they?
by: Manuel, Mexico City

It is possible that good art galleries sale, even in recession times. What I don't believe is that all galleries sale.
You can make a simple calculation. I give you the formula:

Gallery income = income from artists + income from sales + ....


Income from artists = your fee X number of gallery artists + exhibitions income

You can easily calculate how much the gallery earns from artists. If this sum is enough to live, the gallery doesn't need to sell. It doesn't mean it doesn't sell. It only means it doesn't need. It means that a gallery can survive only with artists' money. That's all.

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