Could Kitsch be art? (Cecilia, Thomas, Matthew)

by Cecília
(Belo Horizonte)

What is Kitsch? When can we call a painting Kitsch? Some artists use Kitsch as a provocation. Could Kitsch be art?

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Aug 26, 2010
Is there a reason to paint kitsch?
by: Matthew, South Africa)

You can like it or not, but art is art. If an artist wants to disgust, or to annoy, or to criticize, or even to be superficial, it means s/he wants to create this way. Monsters are creatures too. My opinion is we should look at something else and try to understand why the artist paints kitsch.

Jul 09, 2010
Why should Kitsch be art?
by: Thomas (Denmark)

For me Kitsch is only Kitsch and nothing more than that! Art is something else.

We could say Kitsch is a provocation. It brings people to notice certain aspects of our way of living. It is good, but why don't they propose something better? All people criticize and very few give solutions.

If people live a silly life, is it necessary to make art silly to change their minds? I have nothing against being silly sometimes and I wonder if the problem is silliness, or the remedy.

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