Contemporary Romanticism

Contemporary Romanticism. Mazzoldi's press releases

Northern Italian painter Aurora Mazzoldi’s iconic subjects and figures are rendered with fantastic beauty and incredible sensual power. Her acrylic paintings rarely feature more than three subjects, often only one, rendered in a grandiose, majestic style in which the brushstrokes are delicate and soft, but the faces and forms have a striking, arresting force. “To me painting is not a need,” she explains, “but it is a pleasure.” Indeed, there’s a great deal of enjoyment to be taken from viewing the gentle textures she creates, the brimming colors she deploys, the mysterious and stylized stories and characters she presents.Mazzoldi’s most significant influences are the Italian Old Masters, Romantic European painters and Christian Esotericism, all of which are synthesized magically in her dramatic compositions and fascinating symbolism. Most pieces are dominated by burning orange hues, elegant reds or contemplative purples and blues. The pleasure in Mazzoldi’s paintings comes first from the visual beauty of each piece, and then from the delightful challenge of discerning its meaning.

Agora Gallery, New York, Press Release 2009

"Soft light, subtle colors and sumptuous textures work together in the works of Aurora Mazzoldi to create a unique style described by art critic Maurice Taplinger as “contemporary romanticism”. Mazzoldi’s acrylics on canvas are imbued with profound emotion and point to the artist’s own deep relationship to her paintings. Having lived in France, Austria and Italy, Mazzoldi is deeply informed by the art historical traditions that are present in her everyday surroundings and looks to a wide range of influences from the Renaissance Masters of Italy to the Nineteenth Century Romantics. Although her use of dramatic mood is drawn directly from the Romantic tradition, Mazzoldi’s color pallet and soft modeling of form is reminiscent of the Old Masters of the Renaissance. A spiritual thinker who buries herself in each work of art, Mazzoldi is also deeply affected by the philosophical message of the Christian Esoteric teacher Daskalos"….

Agora Gallery, New York, Press Release 2008

The paintings of Aurora Mazzoldi capture the realism of human figures, while also portraying the romance and emotion of memory. Her canvases are filled with light and shadows playing on her figures faces; each painting grants the viewer a glimpse of the interior state of the subject. Mazzoldi states, “all that is depicted through objects, faces, expressions, body positions and movements, which describe stories, dreams, hopes, illusions and desires. “Indeed, her work has the nostalgic quality of a fading memory. Her color palette is mostly subdued and her lush brushwork depicts an almost elegiac tone. She paints an “internal landscape” imparting a deep understanding of all the nuances of human experience.Mazzoldi is originally from Northern Italy, but spent years in the old Vienna and in Paris, where she “walked along the Seine looking for a long time at the painters who were catching some view of the city”. She studied painting in Trento, Italy and has exhibited her work widely throughout Europe.

Agora Gallery, New York, Press Release 2007

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