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Acrylic art. Know more about Esoteric Romantic Artist Aurora Mazzoldi.

This section has more a biographic character.

In other sections of this site I describe what I am doing, my thoughts, my inspiration, what my acrylic paintings mean...I usually don't give advice about technical problems. If you feel inspired by my art and want to learn to draw and paint to express your romantic self, it should not be difficult to find all kind of acrylic painting classes, books, advices etc. on the web.

In this section you can read something more on me and how I do my paintings, e.g.
...My personal experience with acrylics

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....what my paintings and I are doing in the art world

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or Aurora Mazzoldi's CV:

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...and what other people say of my acrylic paintings and my esoteric romantic art activity. Here some sentences:

"Aurora Mazzoldi, a contemporary romantic...."
Maurice Taplinger, New York

"Aurora Mazzoldi perfectly masters the technique of mixing colors and she uses it to pursue ethical and aesthetic values, out of time and history. We thought indeed there is no track left of these values and of the beautiful traditional painting."
Paolo Levi, Turin

"Aurora Mazzoldi is on a romantic search for the fundamentals of love, starting from her splendid mastery in drawing and incorporating color, until she is able to get different spaces in her composition."
Joan Lluís Montané, International Association of Art Critics (IAAC), Arte Euroamericano, 2009

"Indeed, there’s a great deal of enjoyment to be taken from viewing the gentle textures she creates, the brimming colors she deploys, the mysterious and stylized stories and characters she presents."
Agora Gallery, New York, Press Release 2009

"Aurora Mazzoldi's beautyful acrylic paintings, dubbed Contemporary Romanticism, are an epic journey into distant realms of the consciousness."
ARTisSpectrum, New York, Vol. 20

"Her paintings transmit the viewer: Peace and reflection"
Susana D'Momo, Arte Euro Americano, Buenos Aires

"It could be possible that only a woman is able to look into the woman’s world and find its most genuine aspects: we can realize it by carefully observing the works of the painter Aurora (Mazzoldi), who knows how to delve into the bottom of the heart, how to tell a meaningful “story of the soul”. "
Sen. Angelo Rescaglio, Cremona

"Aurora Mazzoldi’s narrative push is grounded on a broad based culture that, starting from Renaissance concepts, reaches nowadays, operating a synthesis that fully characterizes this artist."
Enzo Santese, ARTEOggi, Mondadori, 2009, Milan

"tactfully take us into a deeper meaning"
Sonia Salsi, Pegaso, Florence

Do you like to know more opinions on my paintings and on my painting activity? I have prepared some more accurate description:

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go to "Romantic Perception (Montané)"

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