Mazzoldi's Acrylic Paintings are Romantic Introspective Art

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Acrylic Paintings and Introspective Art

My works put on canvas what happens within us. They describe interactions (transactional analysis calls them "games", among sub-personalities (so defined by the famous psychologist Assagioli). To do this I use acrylic colors. I have a romantic way to paint and I paint the things that happen under the surface (we could say they have an esoteric meaning).


Acrylic Art

Why acrylic paintings? I think acrylic is a modern medium. It is practical and comfortable. And it allows me to imitate as well the nuances of watercolor as the impact of knife painting with oil colors.

Romantic Art

Why romantic art? Romanticism is in my character, is my way of seeing life. Do you know the Baudelaire's definition of Romanticism? He said Romanticism is a "mode of feeling". And my paintings express a "mode of feeling". In New York I have been defined as "a contemporary romantic" artist (Maurice Taplinger).

Esoteric Art

Am I only a romantic? The Agora-Gallery press release 2009 explains:

"Although her use of dramatic mood is drawn directly from the Romantic tradition, Mazzoldi’s color pallet and soft modeling of form is reminiscent of the Old Masters of the Renaissance. A spiritual thinker who buries herself in each work of art, Mazzoldi is also deeply affected by the philosophical message of the Christian Esoteric teacher Daskalos".

Are my introspective paintings both romantic and esoteric? Even if I am fundamentally a romantic, I like also expressionist paintings. Do you know Munch? What a wonderful expression of feeling! His painting "the Scream" is vibrating. You can feel the despair, the fear in it!

It expresses more than a simple emotion. Try to master such an "emotion"! You don't get it! It expresses what I call "a force". Yet, my aim is to paint these "forces" and also the "games" (yes! just the ones of transactional analysis) that happen between them.

When I speak of games..... Read more

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Aurora Mazzoldi Site Search
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Contemporary Romantic Art in Mazzoldi's acrylic paintings
Look at contemporary romantic art in Mazzoldi's softly focused acrylic paintings
Mazzoldi. A contemporary romantic painter
Acrylic artist Aurora Mazzoldi, a contemporary romantic painter, is introduced in New York by art magazine ARTIsSpectrum.
Romantic Journey Start .
Romantic Journey Start shows an ideal path through acrylic paintings and opera arias.
Romantic Journey Continuation
Romantic Journey Continuation through acrylic paintings and opera arias.
Romantic Journey End
Romantic Journey End. Conclusion of a path through acrylic paintings and opera arias.
Esoteric Art and Romanticism in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Paintings
Find Esoteric Art in Romantic Paintings by Acrylic Artist Aurora Mazzoldi .
Esotericism Seduction Games and Self Improvement
Esotericism Seduction Games. Acrylic paintings for Self Improvement
The Esoterism Spiral Concept in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Paintings
Romantic Acrylic Artist Aurora Mazzoldi interprets the esoterism spiral concept in her esoteric paintings
Esoterism Spiral Paintings in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Art
Romantic acrylic artist Aurora Mazzoldi shows her "esoterism spiral paintings", dealing with the spiral concept in esoteric art
Personalities Esoteric Concept in Acrylic Art
In Personalities Esoteric Concept Aurora Mazzoldi shows, through her acrylic art, how personalities work in her paintings
Personalities Esoteric Paintings by Acrylic Artist Mazzoldi
In Personalities Esoteric Paintings romantic acrylic painter Aurora Mazzoldi shows how personalities can act
Forces Esoteric Concept in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Paintings
Romantic Artist Aurora Mazzoldi uses acrylic Paintings to explain her Forces Esoteric Concept
Forces Esoteric Paintings in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Art
In Forces Esoteric Paintings acrylic artist Aurora Mazzoldi shows how forces can work in us.
Games Esoteric Concept in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Paintings
Games Esoteric Concept. Romantic acrylic artist Mazzoldi describes some games we play in our life.
Games Esoteric Paintings in Mazzoldi's Acrylic Art
In Games Esoteric Paintings acrylic romantic artist Aurora Mazzoldi shows some games we all play.
Narrative Art in Mazzoldi's Romantic Paintings
What narrative art means to romantic acrylic artist Aurora mazzoldi
Mazzoldi. A narrative painter.
romantic artist Aurora Mazzoldi has been defined as a narrative painter.
Acrylic Art by Romantic Esoteric Painter Mazzoldi
I in Acrylic Art: an Introduction to Esoteric Romantic Artist Aurora Mazzoldi .
Mazzoldi. A women painter
Esoteric romantic artist Aurora Mazzoldi. A women painter in acrylic art.
Mazzoldi Art Representatives
Mazzoldi Art Representatives are well-known Art Galleries, which are intitled to deal with Mazzoldi's acrylic paintings
Art Exhibitions of romantic acrylic artist Mazzoldi
Art Exhibitions. See where romantic esoteric painter Aurora Mazzoldi has exhibited her acrylic paintings
Aurora Mazzoldi CV
Romantic acrylic painter Aurora Mazzoldi describes her artistic life
Aurora Mazzoldi's poetic inquiries
Art Critic Paolo Levi introduces Aurora Mazzoldi's Poetic Inquiries
Romantic Perception in Acrylic Painting
Art Critic Joan Lluís Montané introduces Aurora Mazzoldi's Romantic Perception
Aurora Mazzoldi's Contemporary Romanticism
Press Releases on Mazzoldi's Contemporary Romanticism
Reading a Painting.
Reading a painting shows how to read an acrylic painting by contemporary romantic artist Aurora Mazzoldi
Painting with Acrylic Paint to get Romantic Esoteric Works
Painting with Acrylic Paint. Esoteric romantic painter Aurora Mazzoldi speaks of her experience with acrylics.
Acrylic Art Blog.
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